Hip Hop Diplomas?

Funny that if Kanye West had of went and registered at Smith McNally, he might not have been a College Dropout. The St. Paul, Minnesota music school will be kicking off their Fall 2009 semester with the first ever accredited college level diploma in the area of hip hop music and culture.

Coordinated and instructed by emcee and organizer Toki Wright, the Hip-Hop Studies diploma will give students the skills and the knowledge that are crucial in pursuing a career in the hip-music industry and community. The three semester program designed to be completed in a year will teach students the techniques in beat production and engineering, the language of rap and spoken word, as well as music history and theory. Founded in 1985 McNally Smith College of Music is dedicated to teaching their students excellence in higher education by offering a variety of music degrees. For more information on McNally Smith’s Hip-Hop Studies Diploma program, contact McNally Smith's Admissions Department at (800) 594-9500 or visit

I sooooo need to enroll in this class for my easy A!

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