Tocarra Takes It Off For King

Aaaaaaalright then! Tocarra is makin me mad! Or would that be jealousy rearing it's pointy little head? Possibly the latter. Ms. Tocarra Jones has got herself another magazine spread. This time in the chickfamous eye candy mag King. Tocarra has given a whole new meaning to the term plus-sized. Heck, I don't even know if you could consider her plus sized anymore. She's totally given us girls with more "comfort" more aspirations in the realm of loving your body for what it is. In the spread, Tocarra bares her soul... and her bodacious body. Check out what the former Top Model contestant has to say:

We remember an episode of ANTM where you were trying to squeeze your twins into a cocktail dress. How big are they?
*I’m a G.
Good grief, woman! You went up from a DDD?
*Well, I never knew my real bra size. Growing up I was always top heavy and my family was never able to buy me my real size ’cause they’re more expensive. Six months ago, I was in Columbus, Ohio, in Nordstrom’s and this lady suggested I try a G. I’m a big girl.
The Gs get a lot of the attention, but you’ve got a little bubble too.
*People been talkin’ about my booty now. That’s a new experience for me.
My boys would call you a hat trick—three goals: face, booty and breasts.
*Why I gotta be a trick?
No, we mean, “hat trick.” It’s like this hockey…forget it. How about we call you a triple threat?
*That’s much better. All my friends have nice butts. When we take pictures, my friend Liris [Crosse] is the bottom and I’m the top. I’ve been neglecting the booty

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