Tyrese's Ex Wife Wants More

Ummm, could somebody please fill me in on when this wedding went down, cuz I had no clue! Anyways, despite being married for just 10 months, Norma Gibson feels she still deserves some financial compensation from her soon-to-be ex-husband, singer-actor Tyrese.

The singer's estranged wife says as much in Friday's filed response to Tyrese's divorce declaration. Norma wrote, "The short length of the marriage, which Petitioner cites ad nauseam, is irrelevant--how much money Petitioner earned during the short marriage is the relevant issue. He earned roughly $800k during the ten months of marriage."

Norma also claims Tyrese has been absent in their daughter Shayla's life. "Persons in the entertainment industry always seem to have a fascinating ability to characterize their life choices as somehow different, more important and not a matter of choice, but a "requirement," entitling them to special rules and considerations."

The divorce documents also outline how unreasonable it would be for Norma to be expected to leave this marriage with no money. She says it's ludicrous for "a single mother with no family or friends, with effectively no funds whatsoever, to simply walk away from potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars simply because it is Petitioner's position she must do so."


Niik said...

Sounds like she needs to GET A JOB!!

Urban Thought said...

I smell a gold digger. Is it his fault she doesn't have family or friends? She needs to get off her azz and play her part in the childs life by actually having a job. 10 months of living well doesn't mean a damn thing. She knew how to live before him. Survive like the rest of us poor folk, with or without children.

aaliyah said...

Ex-wife needs to get a job and live life to the fullest. and thank god you have child by tyres. I listen to his records i think he is singing to me. you ungreatful creature.