Day 26 Album Cover

It's finally here for all of you Day 26 fans. The album cover to the quartets sophomore album, "Forever In A Day". The album is set to be released April 14th via Bad Boy Recores/Atlantic.

I've been watching their MTV reality show Making The Band lately and I really can't wait for the album because it sounds like they are definitely bringing the heat on this one... but I digress that the album cover doesn't send goose bumps down my spine. It's too bland... there's no umph to it! LOL!!! Whatever Diddy... this is your fault bro! Doesn't it look like they just set up a digital camera on a tripod and set the timer?

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Park Avenue said...

Why are the guys looking around like something is after them? This could be a poster for a horror movie or something! LOL

The cover for their first album was WAY sexier & sophisticated than this one.