Beauty 101: Cellophane Hair Treatment

I know at least 60% of the ladies have tried to dye their hair some funky color at some point and time. Half of those ladies probably got it all wrong when they did it too. I have to raise my hand on that one myself. But if you're looking for a way to dye your hair and keep it shiny instead of looking dull and dry, try a cellophane hair treatment!

Cellophanes have been around for years! Thats the only way my mom would let me dye mine because it washed out gradually. A cellophane hair treatment is a semi-permanent hair "color" service without the actual color. Instead, it uses clear glossing agents to fill in weak or damaged areas of the hair shaft and seal the cuticle, creating stronger, shinier hair. It is commonly referred to as a "cellophane" treatment because it acts like cellophane (or saran wrap) for the hair. You can ask for a cellophane treatment at your next salon appointment or apply the treatment at home.

Steps for Home Use:
1. Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo.
2. Apply to damp hair evenly.
3. Sit under a dryer for 20-30 minutes.
4. Rinse thoroughly.
5. Shampoo (optional) and/or apply a deep moisturizing conditioner to soften. Let sit for 5 minutes.
6. Rinse and style.Voila! Your hair will be stronger and shinier! The rinse will last for 8-12 shampoos and will fade gradually with each wash. My favorite line of cellophanes are Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes in Clear.

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