ATL Housewives Replaces A Wife!

Out of all these... chicks... DeShawn was the only one with some dag on sense. In what has proven to be the most dramatic Bravo series, the people in charge have decided that DeShawn will be out for next seasons shows. If you watched the show, then you would know why she's out. She's not outrageous and all over the damn place like these other women are. She has a stable marriage, and has virtually no drama going on. So... to BRAVO execs... she's boring! They want more drama and bigger ratings, so guess who they'll be replacing her with???? *SIGH*....

The chicks that are in the running to be DeShawn's replacement... ugh!!! i hate to even say this first name, but Tameka Foster... yes, Ursh's wife, Radio personality and DJ Frank Ski's wife Tanya, and Dr. Jay's arm piece/girlfriend Dorys. Can you imagine the types of foolishness that will go down if Tameka is on this show? I might have to sit this one out!

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The Coconut Diaries said...

I'm not sad DeShawn's out. She's not boring because her life is stable, she's boring because she's fake as hell. She had that fake smile plastered on her face the whole show and I'm still not sure what her "foundation" does. At least the rest of the ladies had the guts not to hide their crazy.