N.O.R.E Commits To Veganism (Is that a word?)

I am so happy to see so many of the fluffier rappers in the game deciding to turn the page on being Chubb Rockers. Joining the ranks of Timbaland and David Banner on the weight loss kick is New York rapper N.O.R.E.

Ya'll remember last year when dude resurfaced and he was on hella fat boy status? Well he's since lost an amazing 65 pounds and is documenting his weight loss via a 12 part Vlog on 57thAve.WordPress.com, which is his website.

The Puerto Rican papi has adopted a strict vegan diet and exercise regiment into his daily routine. Although he has lost the weight and his changing his eating habits, not much else is changing about N.O.R.E. "We are switching it up from the Hang Hang Hood Chicken blogs, to the Hang Hang Hood Vegan blogs. Same N.O.R.E., same hood talk," he said. He has since began running and is committed to a pretty hardcore workout. I'm not sure if he's doing this because it's the healthy thing to do since he was at his heaviest weight in July at 310, or if he's doing it because he's got a bet going on with fellow NY rapper Busta Rhymes, who was himself is a few double stack cheeseburgers away from tub-o-lard status. Whatever the reasons, it's still a good thing to do and I'm glad that he's doing it. But N.O.R.E. does say that this new health kick is part of his new years resolution and he says that he's giving up the drank too! "Still haven't had a drink," he confessed.

Stay up to date with N.O.R.E. at 57thAve.WordPress.com.

July 08 at 310lbs-Yuuuuuk!!!
November 08 at 248lbs

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