50 Cent Is At It Again

Here we go again folks! More beef to sell albums. 50 Cent is once again, going after Kanye West and Lil Wayne. 50 was on Sirius Satellite Radio show Shade 45 this weekend. "I'm surprised he got away with it," 50 said when discussing Kanye West's platinum album, '808s & Heartbreak.'

"That album is supposed to be a brick." 50 began mocking West's all-singing, vocoder-laced album. The two men were set to go head-to-head for the second year in a row, but the Chicago-bred producer's album was released a month early while 50's album was delayed. 50 went on to attack Lil Wayne, calling the rapper a "junkie" and "little baby."

"Wayne had a great album, but he makes a lot of records and I think he's gonna exhaust the public with his sound," he said. "He's a talented artist, but if you put us in a space where we're in competition, my consistency will break his neck."... is this dude serious? Has he not peeped his albums sales from TOS or that other crap he put out when he went against Kanye? The oooooooonly reason why he sold as many as he did when he went against Kanye was because of the hype behind the whole competition.

As most of you know, 50 has another album set to be released in early Feb... so we all know what this is about. As I have said before and I'll say it again. Stick to selling Vitamin Water 50, because rapping ain't your thing... and if you can't sell your albums off of your verbal skills, and you have to resort to attacking people... then you your damn self know that your rapping ain't worth a damn! He goes on to say, "I do this the best," 50 said as he boast about his ability to cause drama. "I'm relevant year round. To be honest with you, the reality television show [MTV's 'The Money & The Power,' which has since been canceled because it was GARBAGE] was nothing but a commercial for my album." I'll give it to him... he's got a good GIMMICK... but that's all it is. Doesn't seem to prove too profitable. The Vitamin Water deal and that whack ass Get Rich or Die Trying is how dude is getting paid! I'm sure he invests and all that crap, but who gives a damn! Sit the *uck down, and shut the *uck up 50!!! GEESH!

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