Being A Kobe Bryant Fan Cost You...

Yeah thats right. I said being a Kobe fan will cost you. Well, I guess that's only if you're a die hard Kobe fan. Ride or die type fan! I wish I would... never mind.

Anyways, despite K.B. bringing in a whopping $21.9 mil in this season alone, and add to that another $16 mil from endorsements, you're still going to have to pay if you want to view the hoop star in the privacy of your own crib.

Kobe just reopened his website, KB24.com, and it's not free like all the other hundreds of thousands of Kobe fan sites. It'll cost a fan $49.99 to subscribe to the website. fansite?" So, one might ask him/herself, "exactly what are the perks of being a member of the KB24 fan site?" Well friends, you'll be privy to a lot more than us average Joes and Janes out here in brokeville. Let me run down the list of what you can expect to get by being a member of this "exclusive" site.

* Access to exclusive content including videos, audio and photos
* Members-only access to exclusive contests.
* Access to exclusive KB24 events
* Access to member only message boards, blogs, social network
* Exclusive access to KB24 events (chat/blogs/live video/listening party, meet & greets etc).
* And much much more!

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