Ex Claims He and Oprah Smoked Crack Together!

It is so sad how people try to profit off of other peoples success, but in a negative way! Oprah is the latest victim. I do recall her saying before that she experimented with drugs back in the day, but didn't get specific as to which ones!

Apparently, an pre-Stedman boyfriend by the name of Randolph Cook, who once upon a midnight weary, actually dated Winfrey has wrote about the sordid details of their escapades with drugs in his book "The Wizard of O":

“Oprah made a “rock” of cocaine and baking soda in the tube and heated it, a method known as freebasing.

“[Oprah] then put the lit torch on the rock, inhaled and held the smoke in her lungs for a long time. When she finally exhaled, she began to shake violently as she put the pipe down, she had trouble catching her breath and her eyes got big as saucers.”

We smoked at least a couple of times a week. Sometimes we would smoke up until her limo was waiting to take her to the studio to perform her show…”

Randolph Cook’s relationship with Oprah was in 1985 and he asserts that it was Oprah who first got him to use cocaine. Randolph had previously sued Oprah for $20 million dollars in 1997 when he blamed his inability to sell the book the first time around on no one in the publishing industry wanting to cross the namesake of Oprah’s Book Club. Collusion was never proven but as far as Oprah smoking crack, that actually has been publicly acknowledged. Here’s Oprah herself from a 1995 episode of her show:

“In my 20’s, I’d done this drug and I know exactly what you are talking about.” She said the drug use occurred while she was an anchorwoman on a television news show. “It’s my life’s great big secret. It was such a secret because–I realize (with) the public person I have become–if the story ever were revealed, the tabloids would exploit it and what a big issue it would be.”

She went on to explain, “But I was involved with a man in my 20s who introduced me to the same drug that you’ve been talking about and, like Patrice, I always felt that the drug itself is not the problem but that I was addicted to the man.” She admitted: “I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t have done for that man.”

Anyway, you can read more of Randolph’s book here, or watch a video of him here. But I got to warn you, the material is pathetic, self pitying, and quite frankly, boring. Via here and here

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