For The Love Of ... Ray-J???

Can you guess what this is boys and girls? That's right... it's your worst nightmares come true! More trash t.v., this time featuring that annoying as wanna be Brandy's little brother Ray-J. *BARF* I told you guys a few months back about this being in the works. I was reeeeeeally hoping that it was just a rumor, at the most that it got cancelled before it hit the air.

The show is titled, “For The Love Of Ray-J”. 14 ladies will all compete for little ass Ray-J. Unlike all the other umpteen "Love" shows on VH1, Ray J has already given the ladies their names. I swear, all this is soooooooo original... NOT!

The show premieres Feb. 2nd at 10:30/9:30pm cst.

Stilts... I'm assuming cuz she's tall??
Lil Hood... u serious Ray J? STOP IT DUDE!!!
Hot Cocoa... is it me, or is she lookin a lil old in the face?
Genuine... I'mma need sista girl to get that quick weave re-done! Like... todaY!
Danger... her damn name fits her... more like Scary!
Trannyoops! Chardonnay... she should have been on Real Chance of Love... maybe Chance would have picked somebody then!!! Hmmm! Figure it out folks!
Caviar... don't name me after no damn fish eggs punk!!!
AtomicBomb... what's Atomic and what is bomb about this chick?


The Coconut Diaries said...

I have no words...Anyone that goes on this show should just release the sex tape now

open minded said...

already know who the hell 'gonna pick either cashmere or unique...i'll bet that. they r the the only 2 who coulod b red carpet material...forreal

Anonymous said...

ATOMIC BOMB's Official Myspace page: myspace.com/JerriVega

Check out her sexy new pics!!!!