Videos~ Mike Epps "I Love Big Girls" vs Bow Wow

Okay... the above video is a song that comedien Mike Epps did last years titled "I Love Big Girls". You know, as a "healthy" chick myself, it upsets me a bit when I see these kinds of videos; Ones where the big girls are always portrayed as being hungry all the damn time, or shoving folks around being bullies just because they're big. If you know any "healthy" women then you probably know a few who don't really eat a lot at all. Or even some that have health issues like an over active thyroid which causes them to gain weight, etc... It don't matter though... cuz when these dudes can't get the love from the boney chicks they come running straight for us! But all the while claiming they won't ever do a big girl!!! Nicca please!

Anyways, Apparently Bow Wow is jocking Mike Epps' style on the song. Below, he did a video with the same concept, same beat and all! Which do you like better? And do you really think Bow Wow jacked the song? Either way, do better Bow!

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big money said...

yea bow wow jacked mike epps song. he didnt joke about them as much but thats understandable cuz bow wow aint a comedian. of course mike epps is gonna make jokes. thats what he gets paid for. but he has love for the big girls