Cherish Call It Quits

After the lackluster performance of Cherish's sophomore LP 'The Truth', which dropped last year, (I don't even know a song on that joint), it appears the sister group have parted ways with each other (as well as their label Capitol Records). This news comes as twin sisters, Fallon and Felisha, who fronted the group, revealed that they have formed a duo, aptly called Fallon & Felisha. The pair have reportedly been in the studio with producers Bryan-Michael Cox, Eric Hudson, Don Vito, Adonis, among others.

By clicking the link below you can listen to a new track by the duo called 'Infected' on their MySpace. Listening back to the cut had me very sceptical about where exactly these girls are going with this group, as the song sounds strikingly similar to the material they churned out with Cherish. (Good) Material being one of the group's biggest problems as well as a major lack of individuality/uniqueness among the members (try naming all 4 members of the group off-head...LOL). Still, it'll be interesting to see where this duo idea takes them.

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