Fabolous Tour Bus Raided

Good Grief Charlie Brown!!! Another rapper in trouble with more drugs.

Arkansas Police seized nearly 500 lbs of marijuana on a tour bus returning from NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix, this week. According to the driver, the bus was allegedly escorting Fabolous to Boston to pick up "a rapper whose name he couldn't recall."Though Fab was not on the bus at the time of the seizure, the two men who were arrested, Edward Thimas, 52, and Robert Morris, 44, claimed that Fabolous had loaded the marijuana into the locked compartment, as well as close to $6,500 in cash, which the police also confiscated. Though both men agreed that the marijuana belonged to Fabolous, according to the police reports, their stories conflicted regarding the pickup of the drug shipment.

Thimas claimed that Fab had told them to drive the marijuana to Boston and contact himself and "the other rapper" when they arrived, to pick up the shipment. Morris, on the other hand, alleged that they had driven "three rappers from Atlanta to Phoenix," and were transporting the drugs to Boston, where they were meeting the rappers, who had flown ahead. Due to their conflicting stories, the men were arrested for possession. There is no word at this time as to whether Fabolous has been questioned regarding the case.

Fab's fifth album, 'Loso's Way' is scheduled for release this April.

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