Lawyer in Hudson Family Murders Quits!

In what has been dubbed the Jennifer Hudson murder case, the lawyer of the main suspect, Jennifers ex-brother in law, has decided to call it quits.

William Balfour's attorney, Joshua Kutnick, reportedly made the decision to withdraw from the case on Monday (Feb 23) afternoon citing financial reasons.

"It's the kind of case that involves intense hours," Kutnick told the Chicago Sun-Times. "I was gathering all resources, but I couldn't finance it."

Kutnick said that Balfour was expected to receive the help of a public defender. Kutnick's decision came about a month after a judge granted him permission to move Balfour to another facility to ease communication. As previously reported, Balfour plead not guilty back in mid-January to the murder charges stemming from the triple homicide of Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew back in late October 2008.

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