Tennessee Titans RB LenDale White Will Whip Yo Ass... And Get Away With It!

LMAO!!! OMG!!! I'm sorry for laughing but this mess right here was too damn funny. According to a police report released today (Feb 24), Tennessee Titans running back and former USC Trojan, LenDale White spent Valentine's Day whipping some dude's ass... literally not just figuratively speaking ladies and germs!!!! He whipped the dude with a dayum belt ya'll!!! HA!!!

The Denver Police Department filed a report on Feb. 14 after White got into a verbal confrontation with Leslie Joe Hoch after a minor traffic accident. The confrontation escalated, and White allegedly started beating Hoch with a belt and belt buckle. Then they both got into their cars and left. Question... how in the heeeelllll does that happen and nobody calls the police? But let Tanisha's mama Debra do it and DFACS comes out to the house along with the Sheriff!!!

According to the Denver police lieutenant Matt Murray, "He has not been charged and will not be charged," he said of White to USA Today. "The entire incident was reviewed, the evidence was reviewed and no charges were filed."

Murray said that there wasn't enough evidence, and contradictory statements in the case caused it to get dismissed. The Titans had no comment, and White hasn't responded to the allegations. At least we know it's okay to whip somebody with a belt in Denver.

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tntitans21399 said...

Or maybe the guy in Denver made it all up and was trying to get a quick buck, but didn't have any evidence to back his story up. That's why maybe each statement the guy gave the story changed.