Kanye's Girl Got'A Girlfriend!

So Kanye and his new boo, video girl Amber Rose, were seen out and about this weekend at Fashion Week in London. Wow... Kanye is dating a chick that smokes? I thought I remember reading somewhere that he detested smokers? Hmmm *rubbing my chin*. Whatever...dude is on some other -ish anyway.

While over at YBF.com, I was reading where there are purportedly rumors going around about Kan's new girl being a lesbian. I mean, nothing wrong with it if she is, but apparently, Amber's ex-girlfriend, who's name is Trevon, or Tre has been a bit depressed about losing Amber. Supposedly Tre was let go by Amber without warninig and coincidentally when Mr. West began paying extra attention to the blond babe. YBF reports that their source tells them that Amber and Tre (Tiffany) had been dating for two years before Kanye swept her off her feet adorning her with lavish gifts and trips that she just couldn't refuse! (Yeah right!) Kanye is said to be in love with this girl, and doesn't mind one iota that she used to be a stripper, not just once but several times over!

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