Sneak of Da Week: LaCoste Missouri 85 Mids

I actually like this shoe. Even if it is made by and expensive retailer but looks pretty basic. If you like rocking Lacoste, check out these Missouri 85 Mids. With the help of Mita, Lacoste has created these vibrant kicks to grab your attention. Lacoste has tag-teamed with Japanese retailer Mita to launch the M85-mid, a version of the Missouri 85 cross trainer. Rather than just whacking another level on top, the design team dosed the mid-cut with some dandy details that create a thoroughly new entity. The hexagonal rubber mesh in the ankle is taken from Lacoste’s performance tennis range and works nicely with the forefoot strap. Colour is kept under control with the pop supplied by the croc-emboss and speckled midsole. 150 pairs will be sold through Mita and other top level Lacoste stores.

When looking at these sneakers, the first thing that stands out is the bright purple color that is used to accent throughout the shoe. Also quite impressive is the various textures and patterns at work. And if the green crocodile Lacoste logo on the side of the shoe isn’t obvious enough in terms of branding, the word “Lacoste” is seen in big, bold letters on the heel and on the lace lock strap. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear a release date. Via Sneaker News.

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