Lil Wayne Gun Will Be Used In Court

Once again, rapper Lil Wayne's current case is in the news. A New York City judge says a handgun found on Lil Wayne’s tour bus after a 2007 concert can be used as evidence at the rapper’s trial.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, has pleaded not guilty to gun possession and is free on $70,000 bail. He was arrested in July 2007 after a concert at the Beacon Theatre. A police officer said she boarded the tour bus because she smelled marijuana, and then saw him try to hide a gun. Defense lawyer Stacey Richman argued in court that the officer falsely claimed she smelled marijuana so she could board the bus.

Justice Charles Solomon set an April 20 trial date. We all know the truth on this one right? Nuff said!

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