Wierd -ish: Dying To Prove Ur A Sex God

Ya'll know I couldn't show a picture depicting the actually activity. I try to keep this thing as PG-13 as possible! So I decided to fill this post with a little menage' cosmo!

Talk about being oversexed and dying to keep the party goin... how about this -ish; Take one Russian guy is in sexual prime and two Russian girls and what do you get? You get the picture I showed you above *wink*, with a side of "how'd he die?... 'On top o'me'"

That's what the two ladies who were involved in this 12 hour sexcapade with this hot blooded Russian. The young man, Sergey Tuganov, died after he ingested an entire bottle of Viagra pills so that he could be prepared for his two partners. The women bet him a large sum of money that he couldn’t satisfy them both sexually for 12 hours straight. Well, Tuganov actually won the bet, but before he was able to enjoy the victory, he died.

Merely minutes after winning the sex-a-thon, the man died of a massive heart attack. He was only 28 years old! Fellas if you can't do the job au'natural... then just admit defeat and let it go please! One of the woman said that they called the Moscow police, but it was took late. He expired.

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