Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons Settle In Child Support Case

Kimora is steadily on the come up! From the hot guy to the hot child support payments... chick is workin it on out!

Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons have finally worked out their custody situation for Ming & Aoki Lee. 9 year old Ming and 6 year old Aoki are getting hooked up: Russell agreed to paying $20,000/month each per kiddie ($40k total/month) until they’re 19, he will supply them with a car worth no less than $60k and replaced every 3 years until they’re 16, and they must have a nanny AND a security guard with them at all times when they’re visiting Daddy.

Russell is getting monitored visitation every eighth week in the school year and various holidays. Why are his visitations "monitored". Is there something that we, the public, need to know about dude?

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