Jagged Edge Not Happy With J.D.

Word around the A is that the boys who Jermaine Dupri once hailed the future of R&B, Jagged Edge, are not too happy with him or what's going on with their careers. One member in particular, namely Kyle (pointed out). The latest drama is that the J.E. boys are calling J.D. everything but a child of God. They're accusing him of being a crook, a thief, and a liar. Kyle is upset with the fact that the group isn't getting any pub at all, and that they're not doing anything... AT ALL! For some strange reason, dude is trying to go solo and do his own thing. Ummm... I don't ever recall this dude even leading a song in the Jagged Edge days. Hell... can he sing? You know those recording machines do wonders for these groups who just "look good" but lack any talent!

Kyle holds Jermaine at fault for the group not having any success lately. Again... ummm... can ya'll get signed to a label before you go pointing out why you haven't done jack squat here lately. Hell, Brandon and Brian's parents own a night club in Decatur... go perform there and charge folks. You better do something and stop blaming other people.

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