Jazmine Sullivan Lands Her First Movie Role

Philly songstress and R&B newbie, Jazmine Sullivan is throwing her hat in the game of acting. Ms. Sullivan, who was just nominated for five Grammys, will be taking on her film role to begin shooting in April.

Her role will be in director Anthony Hemingway’s next movie titled, “Red Tails,” reports Billboard. “I play a singer who entertains soldiers,” says Sullivan, who will appear in the movie alongside current touring partner Ne-Yo. “I’m really just entertainment for them, but I kind of get a little relationship going with one of them. So that’s very exciting. I used to act when I was younger, in little plays,” adds Sullivan, who attended Philadelphia’s Creative and Performing Arts high school.“It never was really a passion of mine. It’s just something I did and I could do. Anything where I can be creative, I like to do.”

Jazmine is also working on a television project that is currently underwraps and has yet to be revealed.

She’s not yet sure about a fourth single from her debut album “Fearless,” and a follow CD appears to be on the back burner at the moment. “I haven’t discussed it with the label Atlantic,” Sullivan says. “They aren’t pressuring me yet. I think we all are trying to get (’Fearless’) heard worldwide. But I am thinking of songs these days.

“I took a break from writing. I didn’t have an inspiration or anything like that for a little while. But now it’s starting to come to me. I don’t like to force things; as they come to me, I put the ideas down and…roll from there.” As for going 0-for-5 at this year’s Grammy Awards, Sullivan said it’s all good. Her time will come. “I’m not at all upset,” said the artist, nominated for best new artist and in various R&B categories. “Everybody who was nominated pretty much was deserving. I have a long career ahead of me, so this is not my last Grammys, hopefully.”

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