Soul Four Real Member Wanted For Identity Theft

I just heard today that the Atlanta police are currently in search of R&B singer Brian Dalyrimple. If you don't know the name, he was one of the brothers in the 90's R&B group 'Soul Four Real'.

The police are looking for Dalyrimple in connection with an identity fraud case. According to local news station WSBTV, Dalyrimple is involved in an identity theft ring that has claimed several hundred victims around the Duluth, GA and surrounding areas.

Police say he's on the run with his 10-month-old infant son. So far, police have arrested Laborah Crawford, in connection with case, who is being held in the Gwinnett County Jail.

Investigators say that there's over 260 victims, most of them businesses, who've lost more than $1 million collectively as the result of identity theft and financial fraud. Details regarding their scams were not revealed. I'm sorry ya'll... but I hope they catch him. I just had my identity stolen and it's not a fun situation. Especially with what is going on in our economy today. But... you reap what you sow! I just pray that the baby is okay as well!

Dalyrimple enjoyed success in the 90s as a part of the R&B group Soul For Real. Their 1995 single "Candy Rain" hit no. 1 on the R&B Singles chart, while the album of the same title was certified platinum.

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