Joe Is Beyond Words!!!!!!

I know that R&B singer Joe has been off the scene for a minute, but dammit he ain't been off the planet! Joe was on the Tom Joyner morning show talking about his latest album, where he admitted some startling information to the morning crew and hell... America for that matter.

Apparently Joe Thomas hasn't been as "socially" aware as the rest of us. Joe told Tom, Sybill and Jay that he is not registered to vote and apparently has never voted before in his life. Dude had no idea when the election was, nor did he know where people would go to vote, how the voting process works, and to put the icing on the damn cake... this dude said he thought he didn't have to vote because he heard somewhere that Obama had it all wrapped up. *SITTING HERE WITH MY MOUTH STICK STUCK IN THE "O" POSITION EVEN AS I TYPE THIS FOOLISHNESS*

"Listen to [Audio Here]. I'm so sure that the McCain/Palin camp is crossing their fingers in hopes that there are millions of others who are hearing and believing the same things that this dullard has said. Oh but wait... there's more.

Joe went on to say that he thought that the McCain/Obama debate, which was held last Friday, had been cancelled!!!!!!! THEN... then he asks can he vote online! *SIGH*. Look... I understand that as an entertainer y0u have a hectic schedule and a lot of times you're not always on point with the current events. But how in the dizzle do you not know one damn thing about something that has dominated televisions stations, radios, billboards, barber shops, text messages, whatever... for the last year or so??? Get it together Joe. You're not that hot where you can be this damn ignorant! OK!

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