Maino Hi Haters Yung Berg

Boy I tell ya... this dude Yung Berg just don't know when to throw in the damn towel.

First you lose what little female fan base you have for your dumbass statement about not liking dark skinned women aka "dark-butts", then you get your chain snatched by a bunch of nobodies for runnin ya yap too much in Detroit and then have to sit there while these dudes parade your chain around on the net, and now... now... you go and get 'cha self slapped in the face with the HI HATER hand himself... Maino!

Yeah dude... throw up the L... major losses!

Maino and Burg are here in Atlanta this weekend for the Clark-Atlanta homecoming. They performed last night at the university and afterwards, went out to club Pure. Burg steps to Maino and says, "What's up. I heard you been talkin reckless about me"... ha ha ha ha!!! I'm sorry. I had to laugh. You gotta give it to Yung Turd... he's got nuts! I'm so in love with Maino now! He said.. "I smacked him and I'm done with him. I still got love for the dude"... PRICELESS!

Check out the audio that Maino gave today to Jenny Boom Boom about the incident.

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