Healthy Hair Tips For Gym Rats *smile*

Have you ever wanted to work out but you were scared that you would mess up your cute 'do' or sweat out your style? Or you thought that you wouldn't have time to get back to work or school before you could get your hair back to how you had it? Yeah, I've had the same issues... my hair is the first place I start sweating, which is why i've been sporting the braids lately because I've been working out a lot, plus I haven't had a perm in 10 months (trying to go a year). Here are five tips that could help out in your time of crisis!

1. If you do have time to care for your hair after a work out, wash and condition to rid the hair of sweat and dirt. Apply a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant. Blow-dry the hair on med/low. Using a natural pomade, slick the hair back into a bun and cover with a clip-on ponytail like the UPA clip. This will allow you to create a polished and work appropriate look, without the need to flat-iron or curl the hair. Once a week, deep condition at home to keep your hair strong and healthy.

2. If you are heading to work or school post-workout and have no time to wash, apply a quarter size amount of cornstarch to the roots before hitting the treadmill. The cornstarch will help absorb excess moisture during your workout and will help keep your style fresh.

3. If you are wearing your hair straight and are worried about your roots reverting, try making multiple small ponytails and then tying them back into a larger ponytail. The smaller, tighter ponytails provide more tension than regular ponytails and will help keep the roots straight during your workout.

4. Even if you are not worried about maintaining a straight style, try to keep your hair up and off of your shoulders in a ponytail, loose braids or buns. This will help protect your ends from rubbing up against your workout clothes.

5. Take advantage of your steam room! If you have time, add conditioner and cover with a plastic cap and relax as your hair deep conditions. Its a great way to keep your hair healthy during the winter months!

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