Ne-Yo Sticks His Foot Up His You Know What!

Soooo, you talk -ish about Yung Burg and the dumb comments he made about light skinned vs dark skinned women... but you turn right around and do the same damn think Ne-Yo??? Really dude?

Anyways... dumb ass here was being interviewed by some radio station, when the host (a 'Becky') asks if he's seeing anyone. Ol' glad said that she was glad that he wasn't dating anyone so she could now have him all to herself. Uhhhh, yeah!

This a$$holes response and I quote cuz it's on video, "All the prettiest kids are light skinned anyway.” STOP IT Ne-Yo! Did that -ish really come out your mouth... for real? I was really hoping that he would go back and say something like, "naw... *laugh* I'm just playin" but he didn't!

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