Sneak of Da Week~ Nike Air Force II- Nintendo Wii

Let's get one thing clear before we go any further people... When I post a 'Sneak of Da Week', that in no means, signifies that I love this particular shoe. The 'Sneak of Da Week' is usually a shoe that I find fascinating, or unique, and yes, sometimes I do like them. So back up off of me just a taste for my choices...Ooookkkk!

Keeping with what's hot... as always, Nike has incorporated one of the hottest gaming consoles to hit the market into one of their hottest selling shoes of all time. The Nike Air Force 2 ‘Nintendo Wii’ features an interesting design on the upper constructed of various materials, or prints, such as white/metallic silver safari print, ostrich leather, white mesh and white leather. Also included into the design of the upper is clear plastic panels giving you a look right inside the sneakers. The tongue has a design which has the the Nintendo Wii power button enclosed around the Nike logo. This is not an official Nintendo Wii x Nike collaboration, therefore there is no branding by Nintendo anywhere on the sneakers.

The sneakers are said to be releasing during the Spring/Summer of 2009 but just the other day a sample popped up on Ebay giving us a better look at whats to come. Hit the jump for a couple detailed pictures.

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