Christina Milian Set To Star In Brint It On 5

Alright alright already!!! Do we really need a freakin Bring It On Pt. 5??? Me tinks not! I could barely stand the first one. Hell, I didn't even know they went past the second one.

Despite these lackluster movies going straight to DVD every time they are released, the Bring It On series has done pretty damn good.

Since it's conception in 2000 with the original Bring It On starring Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union, it's been followed by three straight to DVD sequels, 2004's Bring It On Again, 2006's Bring It On: All or Nothing and 2007's Bring It On: In It to Win It. And now this one which will star Christina Milian, who is actually pretty believable in the cheerleading aspect. Did you see her in the Tommy Lee Jones movie Man of the House? She was good in that one.

Bille Woodruff, who directed Jessica Alba in 'Honey' and Queen Latifah in 'Beauty Shop' has been set to the direct the film. The title of the new film has not been finalized as of yet and production is currently underway.

Despite Christina being M.I.A. for a while, she's just recently signed with Myspace Records.

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Marsbars.M.G said...

Bring it on Cinco, im sure will be a great movie. Cheesy yes... but that's what the fans want. And if Bille Woodruff is directing it (who directed one of the best dance movies in the world, Honey) it is sure to be a great movie. Although Christina has let down her standards, I agree she is pretty believable as a cheerleader. G Bring it! There the best (The second one is the worst though)