Fabolous Launches Website

It's obvious that the hip hop generation is finally coming of age with the acceptance of the internet super highway. With rappers taking on their own personal websites such as ThisIs50.Com, ThisIzGame.Com, DiddyTV.Com, it’s safe to say hip hop is finally embracing technology in a way both parties can co-exist, legally.

NY rapper Fabolous announced last week on the red carpet of VH1’s Hip Hop Honors ceremony that his own personal website is well on its way. “I have a website we just finished putting together called, “MyFabolousLife.Com” where you can find all kind of content of everything that I have going on”, Fabolous revealed. You’ll be able to go there and hear new music and everything else Fabolous related.”

In addition to the website, Fab also let loose on some minor details about his joint project with Neyo. Nothing official has been set in stone as of yet, but the Brooklyn lyricist did assert the project’s wheels are turning. “I mean we got it in the works”, Fab said Thursday night. “Neyo and I keep talking about it and I think we definitely have chemistry when it comes to making records, so I thought it was only right. I wanted to do one in the past with Lil Mo but being on separate labels we could never get it together because of the politics. But since me and Neyo reside on Def Jam, I think we can pull this one off.”

However, before any debuts are charted, Fab’s taking care of himself and his home turf first. His newest offering, which is slated for a 2009 release, so far boasts of production from Jermaine Durpi, DJ Toomp and Polow Da Don. Fab said of his and The Street Fam’s newest material, “I’m definitely putting out the Street Family mixtape first and then I’ll start releasing some of my own music. My album is coming out in February, so I’ll have some music popping soon.”

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