KEM Working On Third Album

For all of my soul fans out there, R&B singer KEM has been working hard to bring you his third album, which he hopes to release in 2009. But don't ask him to say exactly when.

"I can't get it done quick enough," the Detroit-based artist (real name Kim Owens) told Billboard.com about "KEM III: Intimacy,". This album will be his follow-up to 2005's gold-certified "Album II."

"I'm breathing down my neck. The internal pressure is always more intense than the external pressure. The fans are ready for new music. Everybody's ready for it. KEM says the album, which he's been recording in Detroit, "shows my evolution as a songwriter and a producer." It may also include a superstar duet that's still in the negotiating stages. The "Intimacy" title indicates the set's theme, though KEM says it's not all about that kind of intimacy.

"I'm known for making love songs," Kem explains, "so we thought we'd explore that word, that idea -- not only sensual intimacy but the true meaning of relationships and opening yourself up to somebody and allowing them to do the same with you."So the song 'Mother's Love' is about maternal intimacy between a mother and child. There are spiritual love songs on the album, too. Life is about relationships -- good, bad or indifferent. That's what we will be exploring on this new album."

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Anonymous said...

HI,I live in Richmond,VA and I so love everything about Kem...I love his deliverance, I love his sauve nature, I love his control. He did an outdoor concert at Kanawha Plaza in'07 and it was crystal clear and divine. The brother is well worth the wait though I am checking almost weekly now for updates on his touring schedule. I am so into his music and know it more now and I so look forward to him performing the old as well as the much anticipated 'new'....This man has made me say on numerous occasions...."God certainly did an awesome thing when he created music"...Kem is the personafication of that beauty to me....Carolyn H.