Usher To Launch Lingerie Line

15 minutes from being washed up R&B star Usher has plans to make the time you spend with your mate into pure seduction!

Usher is in the process of coming out with his own line of lingerie for men and women.

The ATLien was seen out at Paris Fashion Week at the Marlies Dekkers runway show, and while there, he gave a "confession" that he was trying to find some inspiration for his own line of undies.

Usher says that "comfort and intimacy" will be key in his new line. You can catch a glimpse into what he'll be coming out with in his new video for the track "Trading Places".

Usher is following the pattern of Janet Jackson with this idea. Remember I told ya'll about her line called Pleasure Principle due out in November. Well Chris Brown is also coming out with a line of mens boxers called "Fat Head"??? [insert your comments here cuz I have none on that one!]

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