JD... You Got Some "Splaining To Do!

Jermaine Dupri would definitely be on the "do I really want to be with you anymore" list right about now if he were my man.was our boyfriend.

First you put together this crappy album for me, and I no longer have a label home, then you throw up in my lap, and to top -ish off, I get sick and hospitalized and you don't come see me??? Oh heeeeeell naw!

While Janet was layed up in the hospital last night, Jermaine was seen out partying. He was spotted at Patrón's Music in Motion Tour Finale at Marquee nightclub in NYC where T.I. was performing. Not only did he stay for T.I.'s performance at 12:30 a.m., but he stuck around while DJ Berrie spun music late into the night.

"He was definitely having fun with his boys," says an onlooker. "He was one of the last people to leave the event."

Ok... giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe Janet did talk to him, but reassured him that she was ok and that there was no need to come see her! Hmmm??? Maybe? Ya'll can believe that -ish if you want to!


Big Cheekz said...

maybe janet isn't really sick & he knows this. she's prob just tired after that long wknd they had & she wanted to get out of a few shows & playin sick was the only way to do it. lol

Fresh said...


i think she was playing hookie... ditch'n class