Kim Kardashian.. You Are The Weakest Link!

Wow!!! I totally didn't see this coming... well, at least not this soon into the season.

I guess I wasn't the only one not feeling Kim Kardashians stiff and disconnected moves on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Last night, despite everybody and their mama predicting that trucker-mouthed Cloris Leachman or stiff-as-a-board Rocco DiSpirito would get the axe, Dancing with the Stars kicked off the bootiful Kim K.

The only reason why Cloris Leachman is still on there is because she's comic relief to the whole show. We all know that she's one foot in the grave, and moves like a robot, but she's hilarious, and America obviously loves that enough to keep her and boot Kim.

This was really a family affair... especially since Kim and her partner Mark Ballas were up against Cloris and her partner Corky, who I might add is Marks dad. But Kim took the failed attempt with a grain of salt and showed great risilience since last night was the 5th anniversary of her father, Robert Kardashians death. So I guess it was a bit ironic???

"This was a huge challenge for me," Kim said last night. "Every dance was a huge accomplishment for me and I did the best I could. And this was the best experience of my life." Kim also said that saying goodbye is "very emotional," but says she's "totally fine," and wants to take dancing lessons with Karina in the future so she can learn more. As for her partner and new friend Mark, "He just signed a record deal, so I'm going to become a groupie for him!"

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