BET Awards Show

Well it's finally over. The 2009 BET Awards went down tonight without a hitch. I must admit, it was very much entertaining though. I was really looking for more tributes to Michael, but what was done was very well put together. Jamie Foxx hosted the show and let me tell you, that boy cut up! Between him and the O'Jays, I don't know who I laughed at more. Eddie Levert saying "dancing and shit" was the highlight for me. That was the funniest part of the show!

Janet Jackson came out to give her thanks to the fans for the support during the Jackson's time of grief. She almost broke and so did the rest of us watching. Although there was a lot of HELL NAW in the crowd and in front of the teleprompters, it was a good show. I'm still mad at Beyonce for that bullshit she had on and that song she sang! Anyways, here are some pictures from the show. Enjoy!

New Editon's performance was a big surprise for everyone! Bobby is fat as hell and everyone else was sounding like David Ruffin up in that piece!
I'm going to need Ne Yo to put that "Lady in My Life" on his next cd. He did an excellent job!

Trey Songz, Tyrese, and Johnny Gill did a tribute to the O'Jays. Someone on Twitter said Trey Songz was the best one up there. Ummm... clearly that person took a swig of the pint before they made that statement.

Lebron James received the first award of the night for "Athlete of the Year"
Alicia Keys and Wyclef Jean received Humanitarian Awards
This was another highlight for me, Jamie Foxx brought out Travis Barker who ripped the hell outta of the set. Travis played his heart out on those damn drums! It was friggin awesome!!!
Poor Ciara... I realize now that the child really can't sing! Bless her heart
Ke Ke Palmer tried to tell America they were whack for not buying her album years ago by singing an old MJ song. We see you Ke Ke... and we still ain't buyin no albums from you sweetie!
BBD performed and I loved every minute of it
Queen Latifah came out with some Pochahontas hair and supported Mary Mary
Ohhh Keyshia. Who the fugg is ur stylist? Hair and clothes?

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