Papoose Linked to Rikers Island Slashings

More silliness in the world of rap. A New York Post article has linked New York rapper and Remy Ma's fiance', Papoose to a 2006 inmate slashing on Riker’s Island.

Per a source in the story, the rapper was pressured by members of the Bloods organization to give inmates the message to go ahead with the attack. The rapper put on a show at the prison for low-risk inmates, and two of those inmates were subsequently slashed in the face after he flashed gang signs on stage, according to the Post.

The Brooklyn rapper demanded at the last minute that two of his friends, each incarcerated in different jails, be brought to see his concert in the George Motchan Detention Center’s gym. Officials initially denied his request but gave in when Papoose threatened to cancel... cancel then dumbass... not like you're a well known rapper anyway!!!

According to the article, high-ranking supervisors stepped in and permitted the transfer, During the set, Papoose flashed Bloods signs, according to an official. Inmates associated with the Bloods erupted in cheers, according to another source. Suspected Bloods members slashed two prisoners in the face with razors when the set ended.

Papoose's spokespeople have yet to comment on the incident or the article. But why is this mess just now coming out three years later... and who the hell says that Papoose is the MAIN cause of all of this??? I'm just playing devils advocate here.

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