Mase Is Back On A Drake Track

I need Mase to do one of two things: either be a full time pastor over at El Elyon International Church; or be a BE A DAMN RAPPER! I mean good grief dude... why must you keep flip floppin like this?

The former Bad Boy slash G-Unit (almost) artist showed signs of returning to the rap game when he appeared on a new remix of the Drake hit “Best I Ever Had.” Although it’s not known if this is an official remix or if Drake even knows of it, Mase spits new lines like:
“I said girl so beautiful, down to the cuticle. I can’t explain it, everytime I take a picture with you, I wanna frame it…Please don’t re-arrange it, I could be your prosecutor, you can be my plaintiff/You could be my coffee girl and I could be your danish/You already camera-ready, you ain’t even famous…I’ll move you out the ‘hood for good/Not ask that brother if he would he could/Mase won’t lie to you, when I say I’m good, I’m good/Strawberry or canary, tell me how you want your wrist/It’s Mase and Drake, promise you’ll remember this.”

Ummm... yeaaaah! The pulpit is callin bruh! The thing about it is... He's not even a bad preacher. He's actually quite good. I went to his church a few times and the boy has skills.

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