Curtis Conway's Ex Wants Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money!!!

Curtis Conway, the husband of boxer Laila Ali, has found himself being dragged into the courtroom. Seems Curtis' ex-wife Leoria wants more child support. Curtis and Leoria have three children together: Cameron and Kelton (12 y/o twins), and Leilani, 8 (pictured above). The dreaded ex is wanting more child support because she believes that because of who he's married to, Curtis is now rollin in the dough.

It's being reported that Laila ain't havin that... and I don't blame her. Ol girl is trying to capitalize off of the Ali family name which ain't right, but... we all know that if this was an ordinary family it would probably go in the favor of the ex- so we shall see. I say they fight this joint on out in the ring... What do you guys think?

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