Jennifer Aniston Finds Her A New Brad...

That's right... and good for her- kind of. Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper were seen together and not on set. They're not actually a couple...yet... but the “He’s Just Not Into You” co-stars were seen out for a late night din-din Thursday that came off as a bit suspicious on the romantic tip.

Jenn and Brad-ley (I love it) had dinner at Il Cantinori in Manhattan. Both of them arrived to the restaurant around 11 PM and stayed for almost two hours. Jen and Bradley drank San Pelligrino water and dined on pasta, salad and filet mignon. According to the source, Jen is a regular at the upscale restaurant.

I'm just diggin the fact that it's another Brad!!! Although Brad Pitt is hotter, Bradley Cooper ain't too far behind!!! Look at those eyes??? Either way, they both have something else in common and that's the names of their exes. Jenns: Brad & Bradley: Jennifer. NICE!!!

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