Chilli Enlists Relationship Expert To Find Love

I was wondering when this was going to finally come out. For the last year or so I had heard several rumors about 90's pop group TLC member 'Chilli', real name Rozanda Thomas, getting a reality show about her not being able to find love.

The show, titled "Chilli Project", will be about Chilli on the search for love and happiness. Despite huge success as a recording artist and a mother, Chilli has grown tired of striking out on the romantic front, so she has enlisted the help of Brooklyn relationship expert Tionna Smalls.

Not one to let people take the easy way out, Tionna has promised to give Chilli the challenging emotional workout she needs in order to get over the hurdles that have kept her from having the long-term serious relationship she craves.

The series has been picked up for eight half-hour episodes and is set to premiere in 2010.

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