50 Cent Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson

50 Cent was the first rapper to release a Michael Jackson themed song slash tribute when he released two new tracks just hours after the news of Jackson’s death broke. “Where You Are” samples the King Of Pop’s song of the same name and features 50 rapping:

“They say I ain’t lyrical, they say I ain’t a miracle. I say some hard sh*t, then they say I ain’t spiritual/They act like they know God better than me, I know God a lod, I used to pump crack up the street.”

*blank stare*...Both new 50 Cent songs, the second being “Respect It Or Check It“ are from his upcoming “Forever King” mixtape that hits on July 3rd. The new mixtape is the follow-up to last years “Sincerely Yours, Southside” Mixtape.

Following the latest trend of leaking info, 50 Announced the new tracks on his twitter posting.

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