Let The Rumors Fly: Rihanna's Guilt Reason For Chris Brown's Light Penalty?

I just heard a rumor. I really wish I could confirm it but haven't found the right source for the confirmation just yet. I know that after what went down between the two stars, that it wouldn't be necessary for Rihanna or Chris Brown to hide out but did you notice how right after all this happened, they got back together... briefly? Or how she didn't have issues with even being in the same vacinity as Chris? I, for one, wouldn't even attempt to be around, near, or close to anyone who has done something like that to me... but hey... that's me.

Well... supposedly someone that lives in Tappahanock County, VA, which is where Chris is from says that the local police have had to visit the Brown residence on several occasions. Reasons being... apparently there have been previous "domestic" issues at the residence, all of which have involved the ex-couple. The police REPORTEDLY say that Chris Brown has been forced to replace no less than three flatscreen televisions because Rihanna allegedly threw something through each of them. Basically, they suggested strongly, without going all the way in, that Rihanna might have exacerbated other situations that lead up to this one. Maybe Rihanna's feeling guilty some how? Who knows.

Of course a few cell phones or household statues and whatnot through tv's don't warrant an ass whoopin... but... that is his mama's house!!! You don't play around with mama's -ish!!! Ya'll know I'm tellin the truth!

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