John Mayer To Perez Hilton: You Dumb Sh*t!

This is going to get old reaaaaaaal quick... but I'm doing my duty once again. Right before going to bed last night, Perez Hilton and John Mayer shared a heated exchange of words on, where else, but Twitterville U.S.A.

Mayer: "From the heart what you experienced these last 24 hrs is a profound lack of control. You can't blog the world, my friend."

Mayer: Perez Hilton's video statement is so long that by the end of it his cut healed.

Perez: That's real funny! Ha ha! And I'm sure you also think I "deserved" to get hit!

Mayer: I also want to train you in an old martial art called "Never Call A Black Dude a F**got Jitsu."

Perez: Dude, I get it. I GET IT. But it's not f**king funny to me. Karma would be me losing my site and going bankrupt or what have u.

The argument consisted of over a dozen saucy back-and-forth posts. Perez tirelessly defends his honor while Mayer suggests better ways Perez could have handled the situation with Will.I.Am, going as far as to cite rules of the Israeli martial art, Krav Maga. And as if that whole little tit for tat wasn't enough for Mz. Hilton, Mayer tops off his beef by calling Perez a "dumb sh*t."

John Mayer is more gangsta than I thought!

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