Flicks of Toya & Tiny Pre-Awards Show

Toya and Tiny are making more of a name for themselves besides being Lil Wayne's ex-wife and T.I.'s fiance. The ladies have a reality show coming on BET, which premieres on Tuesday, and they are also being seen everywhere. Today while I was on Twitter, tweeting the evening away while discussing the BET Awards, Toya was posting pictures of herself, Tiny and The OMG girls... (will explain in a bit) on their way to the awards show. The ladies looked really nice, but they do NOT need to read from a teleprompter anymore! EVER!

The OMG Girls, which consists of Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae (far left), two friends, and Tiny's oldest daughter Zonnique (far right). I'm not sure if this is a name for a group they the girls will be coming out with or just a click name.

Here is a picture I found over on SandraRose.com of Toya and her new man, NFL Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver James Hardy. Toya has been trying to keep their relationship on the hush hush and frankly I don't blame her. She's obviously learned a thing or two about the women, especially here in the A. They'll TRY to steal your man in a heartbeat! Either way, brotha is fine and a good catch. Congrats to her for finding happiness!


Anonymous said...

I just saw he is not a good catch he is the next Chris Brown he used to beat his baby mamma and their son then he pulled a gun out on his dad thats not a keeper

Anonymous said...

Quit being a hater, let her be happy idiot. everybody wanna know everybody's business, and can't keep up with their own. U r either an abused woman or just a hater. Get some business, and I don't know Toya, but I like her spirit & she is real, so get like her

Anonymous said...

i think that they make a real cute couple. he's sexy as hell and he's successful, he seems like a good guy. im happy for toya and hopefully things work out for them.