Dorian of College Hill Gay???

Ok... so I was wondering why I've had like a gajillion hits on my site today, so I went to look what you all have been googling all damn day... and it's this dude. Who is he you ask? It's Dorian. You know... Dorian... Dorian Stansberry from BET's College Hill Atlanta. Well, it's being said that ol' Dor is possibly gay simply because he's got a pub tat. Now, I don't know... is this something new? I mean, are pub tats the equivalent to these stupid stars that I see everyone wearing because I was told that those symbolize being gay too.

Well... as the story is coming out, it's being said that Dorian's twitter account and pc or whatever was hacked by a lover scorned... and I ain't talkin about no female either. Anyways, the person "exposed" Dorian literally, and also posted all of Dorian's Hollywood contacts and their numbers on twitter. DAMN!!! (Pics below)

Whatever... all I know is that I want to see what's below the tat. So I'm still googling folks. If any body has it... send it to me ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

rhymeswithsnitch.com has the pic you want to see and I was like DAMN! Boy is packing! lol