Tameka Foster's BFF Says "Tameka Didn't Even Know"

Essence magazine caught up with Tameka Fosters best friend of 20 years Nyeisha DeWitt and lets her clear the air about a few things regarding her friends impending messy divorce. Like any best friend, Nyeisha says that she doesn't like to see Tameka hurting this way and being portrayed in a bad light in the media. She says that despite going through this ordeal, it's only obvious that Tameka still loves Usher. She also tells Essence that this whole divorce thing was a big surprise to Tameka *side eyein bff hella hard on that one*!!! C'mon now... we know when our relationships/marriages are on their last leg. Check out the interview below:

ESSENCE.COM: Many are probably wondering why you're choosing to speak now after Tameka endured a hailstorm of criticism for years.

NYEISHA DEWITT: Let me first say that I hope Tameka and Usher can salvage things as a couple. I've known Tameka since I was in middle school and she was in high school, and we've been friends since. It's not that I have to defend her or speak on her behalf as if she's done something wrong, but I simply want people to know everything they read about her isn't true. It hurts me to read the lies that people write and say about her.

ESSENCE.COM: Is it true she first learned that Usher filed for divorce after reading about it?

DEWITT: She didn't know that he was going to file. Of course, she knew that there were challenges in their relationship and had been some discord since March and was aware there were some things that needed to be worked through. But did she know that divorce was imminent? No. It was a total surprise.

ESSENCE.COM: Was Tameka also caught off guard by the images of Usher and Def Jam's Grace Miguel?

DEWITT: I don't know what it is or isn't. What I admire about Tameka is that, despite all the gossip, she isn't bitter or hardened by it. I don't know how she does it especially with children [from a previous relationship] old enough to read the lies that are written. It's like having to keep your hands at your side while someone repeatedly punches you in your face.

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