Pepa Gets A Reality Show Too! Come Ooooooon Down!

Here we go again... VH1 is another celeb a shot at finding love. Along with TLC's 'Chilli', the boob-toob network is giving legendary female MC Sandy "Pepa" Denton her own reality show.

The as-yet-untitled "Pepa" show is scheduled to premiere in 2010. "The "Pepa" series follows Denton as she begins her to search for love after living a celibate life for years. VH1 has ordered eight half-hour episodes and its produced by Tarver and Ken Druckerman for Left/Right, Inc. Executive Producers for VH1 are Shelly Tatro, Danielle Gelfand, Kari McFarland and Jeff Olde.

Also, The Entertainer (from the "I Love NY" and "I Love Money" shows) will get his own series called "The Entertainer" and it will feature his parents and his basement bachelor pad.

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