Missy Elliott To Do Biopic

We haven't seen or heard from Missy in a minute. Not since being dropped from her label a while back, but she's still doing things behind the scenes.

Despite steering clear of the public eye for the past few years Missy Elliott has been busy working on a movie about her life and rise to fame. Although most famous as a huge female force in a male dominated industry, Missy says she had a hard road to success.

Having endured rape at the hands of her older cousin and domestic violence at the hands of her father, Missy says her past is a big part of her journey and she is still in the process of making sure the movie stays true to that.

"It's happening; I've just got to find a great writer because I wouldn't want my story watered down," she told Elle magazine. "I went through a lot, and I accomplished a lot, and I want people to know how it all went down."

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