5 Ways You Can Have Bouncy Hair

Summer is here ladies- that means that all of the winter hats, skully's, tobogans, and all in between go to the back of the closet. It is now time to let your hair shine bright as a summers day. It about that time that we enjoy hair that blows in the wind! But, there is one thing that most of us ladies constantly complain about. Everybody wants their hair to flow and have a little 'pep in its step' with little to no effort from us swangin our heads.

Here are a few tips that would help even the limpest of heads spring back to life.


Once a month, shampoo with a clarifying shampoo, followed by detangling shampoo and/or deep conditioner. Clarifying once a month will help you get rid of any build up that can make your hair look dull and lifeless.


When the hair is weighed down with moisturizer or oil, it will lose its ability to move and bounce. Trade in your moisturizer for a super light liquid leave-in like Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner or Kenra Daily Provision. Mist or scrunch into hair daily to keep it light, fresh and bouncy.If you are attached to your moisturizer or oil, use a pea size amount every other day.


There are certain products that just seem to make your hair "swing" better than others. I personally recommend the Neutrogena Triple Moisture and Paul Mitchell Skinny line. They always leave me with light, bouncy hair.


Hair that feels hard or stiff to the touch won't swing. Soften hair weekly by adding a tablespoon of Sweet Almond Oil to your shampoo or deep conditioner.


For long lasting bounce, nothing beats setting the hair on rollers or flexi rods. If you already set your hair, move down a size in rollers for bouncier curls. Use a light liquid setting lotion and pin curl the hair at night.Sidenote - I find that mesh rollers tend to keep the hair bouncier for a longer period of time than magnetic rollers. They also are easier to use and take less time to dry, especially for naturals.I hope this helps!

For more tips and techniques, you can find me at www.healthytextures.com.

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Emily said...

These are great tips for bouncy hair, thanks for posting them! I want to give all the products I haven't used a try and see how they work for me!